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Since 2012, BARKS from the Guild, PPG’s bimonthly official trade publication, has been helping pet care professionals stay up-to-date with current research, methodologies and thinking so they can help more pets and their people.

BARKS covers all things animal behavior and training, pet care, canine, feline, equine, avian, pocket pets, and exotics, as well as business, sales, marketing and consulting.

In a world of information overload, BARKS provides a platform for current, accurate and scientifically sound education that both pet professionals and pet owners can trust. By doing this, we can all help prevent behavior problems, while protecting the overall well-being of each individual animal.

BARKS is always looking for new writers to contribute on both a regular and an ad hoc basis. BARKS is all about pet professionals sharing their individual knowledge and experience with others as we work to grow the force-free community and spread the message.

BARKS’ online audience is comprised tens of thousands of pet professionals and pet guardians all over the world; being featured in BARKS is great for your business, for your fellow pet professionals, and for the clients and pets we serve!

You can submit a case study, your member profile, a training tip, or a regular feature. Please read the BARKS FAQs page for more information on submitting articles or see Submissions for further details.



The BARKS Blog features a wide range of topics from the world of animal behavior, pet behavior consulting, training, pet care, management, industry events, and business. Geared towards both pet professionals and pet owners, the BARKS Blog aims to provide useful, educational information in a way that is friendly and accessible on multiple levels. A new post is released every Thursday, and bonus posts are published on an ad hoc basis.

To submit a post for the BARKS Blog, please use this form.


BARKS Podcasts

BARKS Podcasts feature discussions ranging across all aspects of pet training and behavior, bringing you news about latest events and seminars, as well as interviews from some of the best in force-free and behavioral science-based training. We aim to create a fun, educational and informative podcast that is member-focused, so come along and join us! Bring your questions, expertise, and a dash of humor.

BARKS Podcasts are released on the Anchor platform and you can also listen to them on your app of choice.

Do you have something you’d like to share? Join Niki Tudge as a guest on one of our BARKS Podcasts! You too can share your knowledge and experience with PPG members and supporters!