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Niki Tudge –


Certified Project Manager &  Transformation Specialist

Judy Luther


Laura Cassiday


Welcome to  Chat & Chuckle 

Don’t  Chat and Chuckle sessions sound fun? Yes, they do and yes, they are. You may want to consider getting in on the action.

What Are Chat & Chuckle Sessions?

PPG hosts one or more live Chat & Chuckle sessions on zoom each month, which we also live stream to our Guild Facebook Page.


Niki Tudge & Judy Luther host all the Chat & Chuckle sessions except the specialized feline topics. We have an in-house expert and Feline Division Chair, Laura Cassidy, for this.

During our scheduled Chat & Chuckle sessions, we interview members, notables, educational providers, corporate sponsors, and anybody that feels they have something to contribute towards the PPG community in our goal of providing fun, informal education and topics for discussion.


Chat and Chuckle Events:

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PPG Podcasts

Within 72 hours of the live event, we podcast the audio file for listeners to enjoy.  Checkout our Podcast Library here 

Join Us

Come and join us live; fill out this short form, letting us know who you are, how we can reach out to you, and what you would like to discuss. We will then contact you to schedule the session and set up details.

All the chat and chuckle sessions are then podcasts through the barks podcast channel so anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to watch it live can catch up on the podcast from the comfort of their own home at their convenience.