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Corporate Partner Program 


Since 2012, the Pet Professional Guild has worked earnestly to develop a dynamic network of devoted, competent industry professionals with a collective goal to revise the relationship between companion animals and their guardians through a new lens of understanding.

We are excited and grateful you are considering corporate membership. As an international member-driven organization, we are committed to meeting the needs of those we serve.  As a potential PPG Corporate Partner, we welcome your feedback and will strive to meet and exceed your expectations if you join our partner program.

 Here at PPG, we are very focused on strengthening the value-added memberships we offer pet industry professionals and our Corporate Partners. We are confident that we have created a member platform and partner marketing opportunities that will truly support your participation in PPG programs and initiatives. With added time-saving services like graphic design and copy editing, we hope you will consider benefit redemption as a friendly process, rather than one more task added to an already lengthy to-do list. 

Our Corporate Partner program offers up to 22 marketing opportunities for your business exposure, we are excited to see how our members will benefit from your professional expertise, as well as your products and services. Please find attached a PDF of the new look Corporate Partner Program Benefits Pack. I bet you’ll be motivated to start generating ideas on what you have to offer our growing membership and how you can reach them. To help you get started, you can use our quarterly Corporate Partner call to familiarize yourself with the program and field any of your questions. 

We welcome your partnership in our mutual quest to educate, engage, and empower the pet-owning public with the science-based reality that no aversive methods are ever needed in the training and care of their fur or feathered family members.

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Some of The Great PROGRAM Benefits

“Our PPG Corporate Partner status is our best marketing money spent, hands down, every year. Whenever I’m asked how best to share a service or product with professional trainers my answer is always to become a PPG Corporate Partner.”

Veronica Boutelle

dogbiz founder & CEO

PPG’s Corporate Partner Program benefits have been wonderful for my business! PPGs program has helped me educate force free dog trainers about my services, grow my email list, and expand to an international audience. PPGs staff is amazing, always enthusiastic, responsive, and so helpful. Whenever I’m getting ready to promote a new offering, I always find myself using PPG’s corporate partner benefits first because there are so many terrific options. 

Veronica Sanchez M.Ed. CABC, CPDT-KA

Founder, Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach™

At PocketSuite we are dedicated to helping pet professionals achieve business success.  In 2021 we became a PPG Ambassador Partner with the goal of telling the PocketSuite story to the PPG membership.  We quickly discovered that the benefits of having access to an amazing community of pet professionals was just scratching the surface of the value from this partnership.  The PPG team makes us better at what we do.  Rare is the partnership where the payback goes well beyond any measure of financial return.  Niki and her team at PPG combine passion with excellence which results in  an amazing corporate partner experience.  They have mastered the recipe on how to be relevant and accessible both for their members and their partners.  By setting the bar high, the PPG team is bringing lots of goodness to anyone and everyone with a passion for pets and pet businesses.

R. Revell Horsey

CFO & Head of Strategic Partnerships at PocketSuite