Corporate Partner Program


  1. Be PPG Corporate Proud – Fly Your Partner Badge

Display the PPG Corporate Partner badge on your website and social media platforms.

Specifications: A 250 x 250 Corporate Partner badge you can download from your member area to highlight your partnership with PPG.


  1. The PPG Corporate Partner Directory – Post Your Business Credentials Where It Counts

Receive a full business listing in our Corporate Partner Directory accessible to our members and the public.

Specifications: A full business listing in the PPG Corporate Partner Directory runs for the duration of your membership and includes your contact details, logo, website and social media links.


  1. Offer PPG Members Something Special – Create a Product/Service Discount They Can’t Refuse

Gain traction with the PPG membership by providing a unique offer to PPG members via their protected membership area.

Specifications: Submit your 4 x 6 print-ready (landscape orientation) special offer graphic that includes your company’s name, logo, email address, link to website, and details of the special offer and how it can be redeemed. (JPG or PNG files only). This special offer will run for the duration of your annual membership once submitted.


  1. Network with PPG Corporate Partners – Make Connections that Matter

Attend the Corporate Partner Networking meeting hosted online by PPG every quarter. Put your best business foot forward as we share, listen, and learn how to maximize your benefits by creating cross-referral relationships with other Corporate Partners and PPG.

Specifications: A quarterly Zoom meeting for 60 minutes with other PPG Corporate Partners hosted and facilitated by PPG management.



  1. Capture the Spotlight on the PPG Website Home Page – Display the Versatility of Your Product/Service

Your 3-in-1 rotating GIF displayed prominently on the home page of the PPG website for one month of the year.

Specifications: A 300 x 250 3-frame, full color, high-resolution GIF to showcase your key products or services with a hyperlink to your website for 1 month.



  1. Email Access to PPG Members – Got Something to Say?

Announce a new service or product using your one annual Corporate Partner Shout Out to the PPG membership.

Specifications: One email (200 words max), 1 high-resolution graphic, logo and link to your website, professionally formatted and circulated to more than 20,000 pet professionals and owners. An email broadcasting special announcements from our Corporate Partners will be distributed in March, June, and September.


  1. Meet the Press – Announce Your Corporate Partnership to the World!

PPG will write and publish a news release announcing our Corporate Partnership. Leave the work to us as we develop this key marketing tool highlighting your involvement with our organization including a boiler plate paragraph about your business and a quote from one of your executives.

Specifications: A professionally written news release including a hyperlink to your website, featuring both organizations’ logos and representative quotes. The news release can be published by both organizations.


  1. Join A BARKS Podcast – Share Your Story

Be hosted for 30 minutes on a BARKS Podcast where you can share your story and personalize the message behind your products and services.

Specifications: A 30-minute podcast recorded and hosted by PPG. You will be featured as the main guest and have an opportunity to promote your products and services via this informal Chat & Chuckle with a PPG representative. BARKS Podcasts are broadcast on the Anchor platform and are also cross-posted on the PPG website.


  1. Your Podcast Commercial – Produce “A Word from Our Sponsor”

Write and record a commercial to be included in a BARKS Podcast and share a “Need to Know” about your product or service with our listeners.

Specifications: Provide us with a 90-second MP3 voice clip or simply provide the text and we will take it from there. Once received the commercial will be scheduled to a suitable Podcast.



  1. Social Media Featured Ad – Pin Your Post

See your pinned social media post in both PPG’s member Facebook groups.  This is a great way to promote your products and services across our international organization.

Specifications: A 300 x 250 high-resolution graphic, or a paragraph of text (80-word limit), and your business link shown as a group announcement for a 7-day period.


  1. Social Media Video – Show Them How It Works

Demonstrate a product or service using a 30-second video promotion that will be posted to both PPG’s member Facebook group, PPG’s public Facebook page and Instagram account.

Specifications: A 30-second, high-resolution MP4 file to be posted on your behalf.


  1. Be Our Guest on a Facebook Live – See Your Connections Multiply

This is a 2-for-1 promotional opportunity. Be a guest on a 30-minute Facebook Live session with a PPG representative and take advantage of this unique opportunity for members and the public to see and hear from the person behind the brand. What’s more, the session is recorded and released as a BARKS Podcast, creating an additional opportunity for you to extend your reach and the lifeline of your message.

Specifications: Schedule a 30-minute Zoom session that is live streamed onto the public PPG Facebook page. Join with a camera and audio for full connectivity.


  1. BARKS News – Choose the Source PPG Members Read

Remind our members that you care about the same things they do. See your logo featured in the footer of our BARKS News monthly member email.

Specifications: Your 100 x 100 logo is displayed in the footer of the BARKS News monthly member email with a hyperlink back to your website, each month, for the duration of your membership.


  1. Your Very Own Post on the BARKS Blog – Become an Established Authority

If you love to write, then blog it. Craft your blog of educational content to address common problems you hear from your clients and experience the benefits of being published on the BARKS Blog.

Specifications: A blog post ranging from 650-1,200 words, with up to 4 hyperlinks and 2 high-resolution images. Include your company logo and any other relevant image, plus a short bio of the writer.


  1. BARKS from the Guild – Publish Your Story in Our Digital Trade Journal

Be the author of your success and craft an article for publication in BARKS from the Guild, PPG’s official digital trade publication. If needed, we can provide support to guide you through the process from scratch to success, then enjoy the recognition and business accolades from your published piece.

Specifications: An educational article ranging between 1,200-1,800 words about your services or a training/behavior/business topic. You decide your expertise. Include your company logo and any other relevant image(s), plus a short bio of the writer.  Publication dates are coordinated via the Managing Editor.


  1. Your Personal BARKS Interview – Tell PPG Members Who You Are in a Sponsor Spotlight

In this BARKS from the Guild Sponsor Feature, we ask the questions, you give the answers. Participate in a Zoom interview or answer the questions via email. Your medium, your choice.  It’s as simple as that.

Specifications: A series of up to 10 questions (final word count approximately 1,000-1,500 words) and a maximum of three 400 x 400 high-resolution graphics to support your answers and pictorialize your story.


  1. Advertise in BARKS from the Guild – Picture Your Business Name in Lights

Advertise in our BARKS from the Guild digital trade journal and be featured in an acclaimed publication, widely read by pet industry professionals and pet guardians alike. ­BARKS covers a vast range of topics encompassing animal behavior, pet care, training, education, industry trends, business, and more. Options determined by Corporate Partner Level, see benefit matrix below.


Or Option B – Advertise in Pets & Their People – Promote your products directly to Pet Owners. 

If your target audience for products/services is the pet owning public, then it makes good business sense to advertise in PPG’s new digital publication, Pets & Their People.  P&TP will feature the stories of everyday pet owners and focus on resolving real-life pet peeves with real-life solutions in a manner that reflects the heart of PPG’s Guiding Principles. Options determined by Corporate Partner Level, see benefit matrix below.


  • Full Page Popup Ad Size 600 x 1200. Specifications: Triggered by a click or hovering over an Ad or logo size 300 x 250. 300 DPI
  • Half Page Ad Size 300 x 600. Specifications: 300 DPI
  • Bottom Page Large Leaderboard Ad Size 320 x 100. Specifications: 300 DPI
  • Inline Rectangle Ad Size 300 x 250. Specifications:
    • Option 1 – 30-second video embedded on auto play. 300 width & 250 height.
    • Option 2 – Display Ad 300 DPI.

All artwork should be in high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF format.





  1. Advertorials That Matter – Build a Credible Appeal to PPG Members and BARKS Readers

You know what your audience values because you share a common interest in the pet professional industry. A one-page advertorial in our BARKS from the Guild digital trade journal can bridge this connection through words. Taking the form of an editorial, you, as our Corporate Partner, provide valuable and educational information about an issue, while including your service or product as way to resolve it. If you need help, PPG can provide affordable copywriters to support your business goals.

Specifications: 650-1,000 words, 2 high-resolution graphics, high-resolution logo, and your short bio professionally formatted and published online.


  1. Sponsor a PPG Webinar – Support the Value of Learning

Find a topic that speaks to your business focus and sponsor a PPG hosted webinar. See your logo displayed on the webinar listing and included in promotional emails about the webinar event.

Specifications: Your 300 x 250, 300 DPI logo featured at the top of the webinar event listing with a link to your website and a “This webinar is sponsored by” message above the logo.


  1. Host Your Very Own PPG Webinar – Teach What You Want Them to Know


By hosting a PPG webinar, you are granted a 60-minute window of opportunity to engage members in an educational presentation related to an issue that your products and services are designed to address. It is a unique opportunity to explain your role in the industry and how attendees can benefit from what your business offers. All webinars are recorded and made available to those who cannot attend live, ensuring your message continues to reach a wider audience.

Specifications: A 45-minute presentation with visual aids, PowerPoint etc., followed by a 15-minute live Q&A session. Promotional text and links should be saved for the end so as not to ruin the flow of educational information.



  1. Sponsor the PPG Advocacy Panel – Join the Voices that Help Shape the Industry

In your role as a Corporate Partner, we invite you to join us for one of our monthly PPG Advocacy Panel discussions. Share your voice with a select group of esteemed industry leaders during one of our sessions where we discuss important issues in our industry.  Specifications: Moderated by PPG president Niki Tudge and PPG Advocacy Committee and Chairman Don Hanson, this is attended by both PPG members and the general public via Zoom or Facebook Live.



  1. PPG Event Sponsorship – Get with the Program!

Corporate Partners receive sponsorship package discounts and FREE tickets to attend sponsored PPG events, such as the annual PPG Summit and virtual Geek Week educational event. See the benefit matrix for the membership level discount.


Specifications: 20% discount off a Corporate Sponsorship Package, two FREE tickets to attend the event and one additional FREE ticket to help promote your attendance at the event.


Specifications: 10% discount off a Corporate Sponsorship Package, two FREE tickets to attend the event and one additional FREE ticket to help promote your attendance at the event.