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Divisional Meetups

Divisional Meetups

 “Divisional Meetups” for PPG members.

These meetings are hosted by the Individual Divisions and are designed to support the PPG community. The Meetups are held on Zoom and are live-streamed into the main PPG Member Facebook Group. Zoom enables us to use Closed Captioning and provides access for members who prefer not to be on Facebook. 

The Meetups provide a chance to meet, chat and learn about specific topics pertinent to that division. There will be guest speakers and the events will be recorded so members can listen after the fact. These are very informal gatherings. 

  1. The events will be scheduled at least a month in advance, so members have an opportunity to plan on attending the different Meetups.
  2. The event will be set up as a Facebook event in the main PPG Facebook Group with a Zoom link for those who want to watch via Zoom.
  3. Events will be rotated around time zones to enable members across the time zones to attend at least 2 a year. i.e., 9 a.m. ET. 12 Noon ET. 5:00 p.m. ET
  4. The event listing will include
  • The event date & time
  • The topic to be featured
  • The Zoom link 
  • The name of the divisional host 
  • The name of the guest speaker