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Welcome To The Education Division

Welcome to the PPG Education Division.

This Division is a little different from the other divisions as we don’t focus on a particular species or area. Instead, we work on special projects where specific expertise is required.

For example, the Education Division was instrumental in developing the Pet Dog Ambassador Program with a team from PPG Australia back in 2015. The Educational Division also worked with Nocti, a specialist industry credentialing organization, to develop the Pet Professional Accreditation Board examination and skill testing criteria for the credentialing program.

When working on a specific project or developing educational programs, the Education Division convenes with the necessary skills and talent to work on designated tasks. For example, at this time, the PPG Educational Division is playing a support role in developing the 2023 PPG Annual Summit.

In addition, another team is working alongside some of our Feline Divisional members to develop a new Feline Certification Program, and two of our French speaking members are working diligently to update all of our PPAB guides and translate them into French.


Education Division Chair:

Divison Chairs Debra Millikan and Niki Tudge, PPG Board Members

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