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Updated 22/07/2020



Pet Professional Guild

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Educational Provider

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The Pet Professional Guild Education Scholarship Program

Scholarship Operational Guidelines


Scholarship Program Description

A limited number of scholarships will be offered to eligible Pet Professional Guild (PPG) members to further their education in force-free training and/or pet care. The scholarships are intended for participation in suitable programs offered by organizations that support PPG’s Guiding Principles and goals.


Candidate Eligibility

  • The candidate must be a current PPG member in good standing for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Members can be full, associate, or provisional, and across all training and pet care specialties.
  • Pet owner members are not eligible.


Educational Organization Application

Educational organizations that are current PPG members, educational providers, or corporate partners are eligible to apply for the inclusion of their educational facility in the PPG Scholarship Program. Educational offerings can be online, in person, or a hybrid (please see organization eligibility below). The organization must complete the online program submission form.  Opportunities are also available for organizations to in part or fully sponsor a scholarship program and thereby benefit from a range of marketing opportunities with PPG.


Please note, if your organization applies and is accepted to the scholarship program, then you are agreeing to:

  1. Provide a place to an individual who is specifically awarded a scholarship to your program without any other application process.
  2. If there are extenuating circumstances, then the individual case/candidate will be discussed between the education provider and PPG
  3. Accept the individual to your program based on the eligibility criteria of the scholarship application.
  4. Designate the scholarship to a specific program only and not to the overall organization.
  5. Sending a report on each of the scholarship recipients’ progress to the PPG Scholarship Committee once every six (6) months for programs that are one-two years in length and once every three (3) months for programs that are under one year in duration.
  6. Notifying the PPG Scholarship Committee when the recipient completes the course or withdraws from the course.
  7. Invoice PPG promptly so payment for the scholarship can be made directly to the school by PPG and not via the candidate


Education Provider Applications

PPG must receive applications for the Scholarship Program from April 5 – May 5 any given year. Only applications that are fully and correctly completed will be considered.




Candidate Scholarship Award Process

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the scholarship selection committee, made up from committee members of various relevant PPG committees and at least one PPG Board member. Final scholarship recommendations will be forwarded to the PPG board of directors by May 26 of any given year. The board of directors will notify all applicants of the outcome of their applications no later than June 15 of the year in question.


PPG recognizes that some programs at certain schools have necessary entrance prerequisites.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they understand and meet the necessary program criteria before they begin the application process. The Education Provider must note on the Scholarship Application form which programs have prerequisites that must be approved by the Education provider prior to a student being accepted.


In these situations, approval for a candidate will be obtained from the school before the scholarship is finalized and funds  are transferred to the Educational Provider





The Education Provider Application Form Criteria


The Education Provider Application form is to be completed online here. The following details will be requested


Education Provider Eligibility Application

  • The applying education provider must currently work with, support or collaborate with PPG and have signed off on the PPG Guiding Principles by being an educational provider, corporate partner or a professional member.
  • Course content must help prepare the applicant for an independently invigilated certification or accreditation.
  • The education provider must be able to display objective criteria for testing students’ knowledge and skills.
  • The education provider must offer online access, in person access, or a hybrid.
  • The program offered for scholarship must be specifically designed to teach animal behavior and training.
  • At this time, the PPG Education Scholarship Program excludes accredited universities offering undergraduate or graduate programs in animal behavior, or similar. However, this will be reviewed in the future.


Education Provider Application Form Criteria


Name of Education Provider

  • Full postal address and full location address
  • Website
  • Founder/president name
  • Name of current CEO or person responsible for the program
  • Current relationship with PPG
  • Education provider
  • Corporate partner
  • Professional member

Program Details

  • Program name
  • Length of program
  • Program description
  • Who is the program aimed at?
  • Is the program online, in person, or a hybrid?

Program Assessment

  • How are a student’s practical skills assessed within your program?
  • How is a student’s knowledge assessed within your program?

Program Price

  • What is the total cost of the program (education delivery only)?
  • As the education provider, are you willing to sponsor an additional scholarship, or a component of this scholarship offered? (If so, see Sponsorship Opportunities below.)
  • Yes/No If Yes…
  • What percentage of the total cost of your educational program are you willing to contribute to the PPG Education Scholarship Program? %

Terms of Payment to Education Provider

  • Please acknowledge that, if approved, payment to you will comprise 50 percent of program cost at applicant registration and 50 percent seven days prior to attendance.
  • The scholarship program funds are paid directly to the educational provider.


Education Provider Sponsorship Opportunities


A contribution sponsorship of US$500 towards an applicant scholarship will receive, in the year of contribution:

  • Two quarter page advertisements in BARKS from the Guild, published six times annually.
  • A 20 percent discount on any additional BARKS from the Guild
  • A 5 percent discount on a vendor exhibit at a PPG educational event.
  • As a sponsor you may list your business on PPG’s product partners’ page.
  • One invitation to appear in a live Facebook chat to discuss products and services with PPG members.


Full sponsorship of one applicant in an approved program ($1,500 or more retail value) will receive, in the year of contribution:

  • The sponsor’s company logo and link to the sponsor’s website on the homepage of the PPG website.
  • A product review on the PPG Blog and in one issue of BARKS from the Guild.
  • A one-page advertorial (500 words, provided by the sponsor) in BARKS from the Guild.
  • A subscription to BARKS from the Guild.
  • Six quarter-page advertisements in BARKS from the Guild.
  • A 20 percent discount on any additional BARKS from the Guild advertisements.
  • A 20 percent discount on a vendor exhibit at a PPG educational event.
  • As a sponsor, you may list your business on PPG’s product partners’ page.
  • Two invitations to appear in a live Facebook chat to discuss products and services with PPG members.
  • Two x 30-second advertisements on PPG’s monthly PPG World Service live podcast.
  • An annual invitation to be a guest for a 20-minute segment on a PPG World Service live podcast.


Further Information:

All applications are received from the computer-generated application form. When an application is received, candidates receive an automated confirmation email.


How Candidates are Assessed

  • Current membership standing, length of time as a member and membership type will be verified by the scholarship administrators.
    • If candidates are current members of either PPG Australia (PPGA) or PPG British Isles (PPGBI), then their membership will be verified by the appropriate PPG officer.
  • After the closing date for applications (close of business on April 15 EST each year), all applications will be sent to the education scholarship selection committee (here on in referred to as the committee).
    • The committee will comprise:
      • Two members of the PPG steering committee
      • Two members of the PPG education committee
      • One PPG board member
      • A chairperson will be elected from within the committee
    • The committee will not have access to candidates’ names. All applications will be handled anonymously and in confidence.
    • Committee members will have 7-10 days to study all applications individually. The process thereafter is:
      • The chair of the committee will call a meeting within 14 days of receiving the applications.
      • At the meeting, the merits of each application will be discussed.
      • If there is only one application for a particular scholarship, it will be assessed on its own merits. The committee reserves the right not to grant the scholarship if the application is deemed unsatisfactory.
      • If the number of applications received is large, the need for a second committee meeting may present itself.
      • After the final meeting, the committee chairperson will collate the results and present its final findings to the PPG board.
      • The PPG board of directors will announce the names of successful applicants by 15 June of every application year.