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  1. A Call for Change in Equipment. No Choke, No Prong, No Shock
  2. How To Safely Break-up Dog Fights
  3. Heat Index Guide
  4. Potty Training Basics for Puppies & Dogs
  5. Your Puppy Nipping Guide
  6. Yes! Puppy Socialization & Vaccinations Go Together
  7. Your Puppy Socialization Check List
  8. Questions I Wish My Vet Would Ask Me About My Behavior
  9. The PPG Pet Travel Guide
  10. Using Food In Dog Training
  11. Become Part of The Force-Free Renaissance
  12. Veterinary Tri-Fold
  13. Force-Free Tri-Fold Canines
  14. Force Free Tri-Fold Felines
  15. Why It’s Important to Teach Your Dog to Love Wearing a Muzzle
  16. An Open Letter to Veterinarians regarding Referrals of Training and Behavior Professionals
  17. The Shocking Truth – An Article About How Shock Collars Work
  18. Dog Bite Safety & Education
  19. The Myth of The Wagging Tail
  20. What Are the Rules for Approaching a Known Dog?
  21. The Three Second Rule – Giving Dogs a Choice
  22. Understanding Resource Guarding & Knowing When To Seek Help
  23. The Pet Owner Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Training Class
  24. The Pet Owner Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

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