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PPG’s behavior experts are "Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by EthicsTM."

PPG promotes using positive training methods, both personally and professionally.

PPG members focus on the emotional, physical and environmental welfare of pets.

PPG and its members actively discourage the use of training tools and equipment designed to change behavior using fear, force or pain.

PPG is the home of compassionate, ethical and humane pet professionals.

PPG's guiding principles are specific, measurable and forward-thinking.

PPG’s guiding principles provide a direct path forward for the industry while supporting professional autonomy, encouraging its members to approach training and care as they wish while working within PPG’s guiding principles.

PPG is a great educational resource for pet owners.

PPG supports pet owners in making service decisions for their pets by providing them with information at the forefront of science and ethics.

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