Hosting a PPG Webinar

Virtual Learning Resources

Here at PPG, we believe that competency in our profession is Mission Critical.  Because education is central to that mission, PPG hosts webinars for our membership to enhance their knowledge and skills which further enables them to accrue the needed continued education for their professional credentials.

In order to promote access to this vital source of virtual learning, PPG offers its members a minimum of one FREE educational webinar every month as well as live and recorded webinars that can be purchased. . These webinars are ideally scheduled at least four weeks in advance and are promoted via the home page of the PPG website and the PPG Membership Area.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a 45-to-90-minute web-delivered educational seminar. Each webinar includes a live PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation with 15 minutes allocated for questions and answers. We also broadcast “Simulated Live” webinars with the presenter available to answer registrant’s questions at the end of the recording.

Please Note: If you are interested in presenting a live webinar for our membership, the educational content of your webinar must be in line with PPG’s Guiding Principles

The Process for Submitting a Webinar Proposal
  1. Complete the webinar application form. This will include the following information:
  • A working title
  • A two-paragraph description
  • Learning objectives in bullet point format
  • Your bio/photograph
  • A suggested day, date & time (a minimum of 4 weeks out)
  • Length of time required (60 minutes to 90 minutes)
  1. Pet Professional Guild membership webinars are approved through the “Member Education” committee.
  2. If you have not delivered a webinar for PPG prior, it may be necessary to provide to the committee a detailed outline of the webinar and the materials to be presented.


The Webinar Planning Process
  1. All webinars are held using the PPG webinar software.
  1. Presenters will need the following equipment:
  • A computer with speakers and microphone
  • A quiet location
  • PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation software
  • High speed internet access
  • Note: Presenters using VoIP must use a headset and microphone to ensure good audio quality.
  1. All presenters may request a 30-minute practice session within 7 days of their scheduled webinar. Please schedule this at least 14 days prior to your webinar to allow for planning time.
  2. PPG webinars are recorded and may be available to our members at a later date.
  3. Recordings remain available for new PPG members to view.
  4. The Pet Professional Guild has the right to control editorial content of the event listing to effectively market the webinar.
  5. PPG reserves the right to cancel, postpone, delay, or reschedule any webinar for any reason at our sole discretion.
  6. You retain the intellectual rights to your webinar property with PPG granted permission to use your webinar as stated above.
  7. PPG will host your recorded webinar for as long as it is deemed relevant to the membership and/or continues to be purchased by members.


The Webinar Session
  1. On the day of your webinar we, the host and you the presenter, log in to the webinar software 20 minutes prior to the official start time. The presenter will access the webinar platform using a unique link emailed to them.
  2. Five minutes before the start time.  The host has the presenter share their screen (your PowerPoint is then viewed by the audience).
  3. PPG will provide a host to introduce you, a moderator for the chat room, and a person to manage the Q&A session.
  4. At the appropriate time we launch the broadcast and start the live webinar, which is also being recorded.
  5. The PPG host makes formal introductions, explains the house rules, the CEU process, and how questions and answers are handled.
  6. At the end of your presentation, we continue with a 15-minute Q&A session facilitated by a PPG representative.
  7. All our webinars are recorded so those who have registered, but are unable to attend the live session, can view your webinar afterwards.
After The Webinar
  • We format the recording to be available for registrants who missed the live session. This recording becomes available within 72 hours of the airing date.
  • Within 24 hours of the webinar taking place, PPG will email a PDF version of the webinar slides to all attendees with their attendance certificate and CEU instructions.
  • The webinar event is listed as a recorded webinar for future member access.


PPG Webinar Commissions
  • Commissions can only be paid to US presenters when PPG is in receipt of the presenter’s W9 form.
  • PPG webinars are priced between $15.00 and $35.00 each.
  • All webinar commissions are paid using PayPal via your PayPal email provided to PPG
  • Webinar presenters will be compensated 50% of sales from the live webinar session.
  • Commission payments are made by the 20th day of the following month the webinar is held unless otherwise agreed.
  • All other terms and conditions of the PPG webinar agreement remain in effect.
  • FREE membership webinars may also charge a nominal fee for non-members.
  • Event attendance can vary greatly because of content, interest level, reputation of presenter, technical issues, force majeure, and other circumstances. Because of this, PPG cannot guarantee, assure, or promise any compensation, of any kind, to presenters for any webinar event.
Virtual Summit Webinars
  1. If you participate in one of our PPG Virtual Workshops or Annual Geek Week and your session is then offered as a PPG webinar, then you will be compensated 50% commission from revenue attributed to your individual webinar session being hosted either live or simulated live.  This will be paid according to our normal webinar payment terms.