Professional Member Area

Live Member Events

Live Member Events 

All live events scheduled will show up on this page. You an search for them by date, presenter, or session name. You can also view them on a calendar view.


All live PPG events are recorded.

Once the live session is complete, the recording will be uploaded and set up here. If you miss out on registering for the live event, you can register for the on-demand version from the Recorded Event page.  You can then watch the event from your own home in your own time at your own convenience.

Event Documentation

  • When you register for a PPG event, you will receive a PDF attached to your registration email. This PDF contains the name of the event and your receipt.
  • Your events are then stored on a private page where you can access your registrations.
  • This enables you to access records of the events you have registered for any CEUs they carry