The Pet Professional Guild

Member Orientation

For PPG Members New and Old

Catch Up On All Things PPG With Our

‘New Member Orientation’ 


You are Invited! Starting in February 2022, and then continuing every other month, your PPG inclusivity Committee will host a Member Orientation meeting for new and veteran members alike.

We will start these meetings  with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation on a variety of topics and then host a live Q&A.  Topics will include:

  1. Welcome to PPG
  2. Meet Your Inclusivity Committee
  3. What are our Guiding Principles
  4. Our Code of Conduct
  5. Fly Your Flag: Your Membership Certificate
  6. Fly Your Flag: Your Member Badge
  7. A brief review of your Membership Benefits
  8. How to setup your Directory Listing
  9. How to setup your Member Profile
  10. Navigating your Member Area
  11. The PPG Divisions explained
  12. The ‘ins and outs’ of PPG Webinars & Events
  13. PPG Program Overview: Project Trade
  14. PPG Program Overview: The PPG Scholarship Program
  15. PPG Program Overview: Pet Dog Ambassador
  16. Meet your Membership Team
  17. Q&A



Please join us to say hello, get better acquainted with your benefits of membership, meet your peers or just enjoy a Chat & Chuckle!


New Member Welcome Orientation Dates

Month Day Time
February 23 1:00 p.m. ET
April 27 5 p.m. ET
June 22 9:00 a.m. ET
August 24 12:00 Noon ET
October 26 5:00 p.m. ET
January 2023 25 9”00 a.m. ET