Assessor Tool-Kit

 Welcome to Your PDA Instructor& Assessor  Tool-Kit

Thank you for joining us here. To help you move through the process, we have provided all the necessary links you need in one place.

This has been divided into two sections for you.

Section OneThe Pet Guardian Resources – These are here for your information and ease of finding support tools for your clients.

Section TwoYour Instructor & Assessor  Resources – You will find access to your Guide, Assessment Markers, and your two tests.

Section One:  Pet Guardian Resources.

Your Pet Dog Ambassador Guide

Your Assessment Markers 

 Getting Started Guide

Step One: Click on your guide to open it; you can also download it as a PDF and save it to your computer. Alternatively, click here for the PDF.

Step Two: Review Chapter 4 of the Guadian Guide and the Assessment Markers. This is the content you will be tested on in your Guardian Quiz.

Step Three: Prepare your Health Check Form; you will need this when you are ready to take your assessment. You can download the form here. 

Step Four: If you plan to apply for long-distance assessment, please click here to complete the request if you do not already have somebody in mind.  

Step Five: If you are a special needs candidate and plan to request modifications to the skill assessment, you can complete the modification form found here. 

Guardian Test – Step By Step Instructions

  1. To access your knowledge test, please use the test link to the right here.
  2. You will be asked for a password. The password is PDACandidate
  3. You will be asked for your first name, last name, and email address.
  4. When you begin your test, ensure you have everything you need, your guide and your assessment markers.
  5. This is an open-book test, so you have plenty of time to check your answer choice.
  6. When you complete your test, you can check any of your answers before you submit it

The Guardian Test Link

Section Two:  Your Instructor & Assessor  Resources.

Your Instructor & Assessor Guide

Instructor/Assesor  Knowledge

  • As an instructor/Assessor for the PDA program, you must know the Assessment Markers and the Pet Guardian Guide well.
  • Please become familiar with the PDA Guardian Guide so you can help support Pet Guardians through the program.
  • Please also review your Instructor/Assessor Guide.
  • You can teach the PDA levels either privately or in groups.
  • You can also Assess the PDA levels in private lessons or groups. 

There is a complete program curriculum for Levels 1-4 that can help you with the instruction

As an Instructor Assessor There Are Two Tests For you To Complete.

There are two Assessor quizzes.  The password for each quiz is PDAAssessor.  

  1. Part One contains 40 questions. When you pass the first quiz with a score of 85% or more, please move on to Part two.  You will receive an email with your results.
  2. Part Two contains 30 video clips to be assessed; the passing score for the second quiz is 80%.  
  3. Tips for your Part Two Video Assessment
    • Be sure to have your Assessment Marker Guide open. 
    • For each question, you will watch the video and then determine if the dog and handler  “Achieved, were “Almost There” or “Not Yet Able.”
    • Be sure to read the criteria for the level before you check the page with the individual exercise. There are specific criteria for each level to be met as well as criteria for each exercise. 

So for each video, check the level it is assessing.

  • Open your assessment markers document and first read the general rules as these will apply to all skills at that level
  • Then find the corresponding page for the skill you are assessing
  • Look at each skill individually and review the criteria for “Achieved”, “Almost There,” and “Not Yet Able”
  • If you follow this process, it will make the assessment easier.

Key Rules

  1. Achieved = All exercises of the level must be achieved for the candidate to pass
  2. Almost There = This means that the dog or guardian did not fully satisfy the requirements for Achieved; they did not perform badly enough to be marked Not Yet Able.
  3. Not Yet Able = This means that one or more of the mistake criteria in the not yet able column have been observed by the assessor

Passing Your Tests


  1. We will receive your test results at the same time as you. 
  2. Your membership listing will be updated to an “Active Instructor/Assessor” as soon as you pass the tests.
  3. You will then be reflected in the Instructor/Assessor directory at the front end of the website.
  4. Good Luck! Although we know you won’t need it.

Instructor Resources