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Pet Guardians


How To Get Started?

Welcome to The Pet Dog Ambassador Program, we are excited you have chosen to start this wonderful journey with your dog.

The Pet Dog Ambassador Program (PDA) is a program for dog guardians to learn and grow together using positive reinforcement protocols. The program culminates in a test of knowledge and skills that demonstrate your ability to manage your canine companion in real life settings. 

Unlike formal obedience and many dog sports, until now pet dog guardians have not had the recognition they deserve from the hours of dedicated training taken to make their shared lives enjoyable for all family members. PDA changes that and provides a structured and fun way for you to show your fabulous training and your dog’s skills. Here at The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) we firmly believe that pet dogs and their people also deserve training accolades.

The PDA program recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training and aims to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities and knowledge throughout their pet’s life.

Let’s Get You Setup 

  1. You will need to register your pet dog online for the PDA Program.
  2. When you register you will receive an email with all the information you need to progress through your first level.
  3. There is a small fee to register your dog in the program.
  4. If you register more than one dog, then you will be invoiced for each pet dog enrolled in the program.
  5. At registration you will be allocated a PDA membership number for your dog. Your membership number will be used through the program as your identifier, this is unique to your dog.
  6. If you register more than one dog, then you will be provided a number for each dog.
  7. During the application process you will be asked if you wish to register a second handler. Should exceptional circumstances arise, you have someone registered to take your place if you are unable to proceed with the assessment. Special needs candidates are strongly encouraged to do this. There is no cost for registering a second handler. If there is no second handler registered, the assessment cannot continue if, for any reason, you are unable to complete the assessment.
  8. Keep your PDA numbers safe. This number will be provided by you to your PDA Assessor at each level of the program. The information is used to record your details on the assessor’s PDA Account and to also record the outcome of your level assessment.
  9. If your plan is to apply for long distance assessment, then please register and then once you are confirmed into the program you can look for your assessor.
  10. If you are a special needs candidate and plan to request modifications to the skill assessment, then please apply for the program and as soon as you are confirmed into the program you can complete the modification form found in the appendix of this guide.



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