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The Pet Dog Ambassador Program

Finally, a Pet Dog Credentialing Program that Emphasizes Real Life Skills!

The Pet Dog Ambassador Program is designed for dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills, and ability to manage their canine companions in real life settings. The program’s aim is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable.

Agility dogs, Rally Obedience dogs, even Show dogs, along with other dog sport participants, earn titles to reward the hours pet and parent invest in training for competition. While we certainly applaud their teamwork, many everyday pet owners also devote countless time and energy training their companions for a different type of challenge and a different type of reward.

Unfortunately, our pet dogs are expected to perform in the real world without much preparation. We’ve all witnessed the stressed dog and parent ill-equipped to handle the chaotic crowd at a weekend festival, the taunting tables of food during  an evening out at a pet-friendly restaurant, or even the familiar faces in a small family gathering. The Pet Dog Ambassador program responds to the need for know-how by providing a course of action complete with tools, practice, and support to set our pets and their partners up for success.

The Pet Dog Ambassador program is a pet manners training program for dogs of all ages.

The Pet Dog Ambassador Program is designed to offer pet owners an alternative to other well-known programs in the marketplace that promote dog “obedience” rather than dog manners. There’s a difference. One embraces control, while the other develops confidence. When a canine and their companion can manage social situations through tried-and-true behavior, they become welcomed, even admired, Pet Dog Ambassadors for their communities.

As a 5-level credentialing program, the PDA curriculum advances the pet/parent partnership from puppy to champion using a structured approach to skill acquisition for both participants. Not only does the Pet Dog Ambassador Program offer pets and their people an invaluable learning experience, but its design also recognizes the importance of using science and reward-based training practices to create an undeniable bond between pet and parent.

Program manuals and guides are provided whether the pet owner chooses to work through the levels on their own or with support from a licensed instructor. And when the pet partnership completes the individual skill criteria for each level, a PDA Licensed Assessor can guide them through their assessment either virtually or in person.

The 5 levels of the Pet Dog Ambassador Program help parents transform their pet’s behavior from unruly puppyhood to champion adulthood.

Level 1 (Puppy) Dogs, like people, learn best when they are young. That is why we love to see puppies (aged 4 to 9 months) reach their first pet dog training goal early.

Level 2 (any dog over the age of 6 months) builds on the work undertaken at Level 1. It is at a level where those who did not undertake Level 1 (because they did not fit the age bracket) can still have an easy entry into the program.

Levels 3 and Level 4 build further on the dog and guardians’ knowledge, skills, and ability to manage behavior in both classroom and real-life settings.

Level 5 (Championship) is where everything the dog and guardian have learned together is tested. There are location options available to help assessors evaluate real-life training scenarios that are relevant to the pet parent’s  daily life.


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Both Pet Owners and Pet Professionals Have a Role at PDA.

Both owners and professionals can benefit from getting involved with the Pet Dog Ambassador Program.

  1. Pet Dogs & Owners

Dogs as young as 4 months of age can enroll and begin learning important life skills while, very quickly, earning their first credentials.

Participation in the program …

  • strengthens the relationship between pet dogs and their guardians.
  • helps guardians gain a better appreciation for ethical, science-based dog training and its applications to everyday living.
  • educates and empowers socially responsible pet guardians.
  • encourages guardians to have a better understanding of local pet laws.
  • positively impacts communities by equipping dogs and their guardians with the necessary skills to be welcomed visitors in public settings.
  • demonstrates to the public the advantages of sharing life with a well-trained, happy pet dog.
  1. Pet Dog Training Instructors

Any person who is a dog trainer, or behavior consultant, may apply for a PDA Instructor license provided they meet the eligibility criteria of the licensing agreement.

Participation in the program…

  • provides resource materials to start and structure both group and private lessons.
  • adds training options to build and retain clients.
  • promotes scienced-based, ethical dog training methods and philosophies.
  • develops lasting relationships between dogs and their guardians.
  1. Shelters and Rescue Facilities

Licensed PDA Instructors who work with a shelter or rescue facility are encouraged to instruct the program.

Participation in the program…

  • helps dogs develop the good manners adopters look for, making it less likely they will be returned to the shelter.
  • enriches the lives of the shelter/rescue dogs while waiting for their forever homes.
  • can create an income source for the shelters by providing a training program for guardians and their new charges to bond over.
  • will help improve the quality of shelter workers interaction with their rescues by learning how to incorporate these valuable training skills into the pup’s everyday environment.


  1. Pet Dog Training Clubs

PDA Instructors/Assessors who work/volunteer with a force-free dog training facility may teach this program within the dog training facility.

Participation in the program…

  • provides a valuable service to the community. Dog clubs that offer this program can be proud of doing their part to improve the quality of life pets and their parents share.
  • can create an income source for the club by providing a training program for guardians and their pets along with club members.
  • Provides a great “show and tell” for club members at community events and ambassador/breed educational events.


What real life skills are learned throughout the course of this program??

Check out the skills at each level through the Pet Dog Ambassador Assessment Marker Guide


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