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Pet Owners

Pet Owners 

Millions of pets share our homes and are considered an integral part of our families.  At PPG we consider pets any  domesticated animal kept for companionship, work or pleasure. This applies to pets already in homes, as well pets in shelters and rescue organizations waiting to find new homes.

As a Pet Owner, you are very important to all of us here at PPG. We believe we can partner with you to help you provide the best life possible for your furry family members. 

PPG has a FREE membership just for you!

We also provide lots of Advocacy Programs you can get involved with such as The Shock-Free Coalition, Project tRade, Pets & Their People and so many more. 

So let’s get you all signed up and then you can access all the membership benefits we provide. 

  1. Your very own Pet Owner Webinars
  2. Subscription to Pets & Their People, our Pet Owner Publication
  3. Your Annual 2-Day Pet Summit “Supporting Pets & Their People”
  4. An assortment of discounts at PPG-approved vendors

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