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Are you a pet professional who yearns to be part of and represented by an organization that understands the importance of a holistic approach to pet training, pet care and animal welfare?

If so, you are in the right location and you are not alone.

Here at PPG, you will be surrounded by and immersed into a culture that strives to know better and do better on behalf of the pet owning community.

Join us to educate, engage, and empower yourself and your business.

Here at PPG, our members align themselves with, and advocate for, a core philosophy of professional conduct

that is  Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics” TM



While PPG encourages its members to employ professional autonomy in their businesses, this is always conducted in accordance with PPG’s Guiding Principles.  These Guiding Principles actively recommend against the use of any training tools and equipment whose intent is to interrupt or redirect behavior using pain, force, or fear. The Pet Professional Guild community, encompassing sponsors, members, supporters, and pet guardians, is committed to these foundational and nonnegotiable principles which underpin all PPG business activity.

Read the Guiding Principles here.

Note: PPG recognizes that no definition can be so expansive and explicit that every possible situation is addressed. This applies universally, perhaps most obviously in the US legal system, where very often courts cannot agree on a single interpretation of what terms and definitions mean, including physical force. Recognizing this, PPG considers, both in the context of its Guiding Principles and as a general framework, physical force to mean any intentional physical act against a pet that causes psychological or physical pain, harm, or damage.

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) is the most progressive international member association representing pet professionals across many disciplines. We promote training philosophies and methods that are scientifically sound, driven by compassion, and ethically above reproach. PPG members join with the understanding that they, alongside their peers, will only use effective and humane approaches to pet training and care.


PPG members optimize the use of several disciplines of science, in particular applied behavior analysis, the science of learning and behavior, to systematically identify and resolve problem behaviors using positive operant and respondent training methods.  PPG holds that all training should be conducted in a manner that encourages pets to enjoy the process, which will, in turn, lead them to become more confident and well-adjusted companions. The focus is always on the emotional, physical, and environmental well-being of the pet.


A key mission for PPG is to build an international coalition of competent and ethical pet professionals to provide services to pet owners across the globe. These services must be delivered with transparency, honesty, and professional integrity. PPG members recognize that pets cannot offer informed consent and therefore all training and pet care interventions must not only focus on doing no harm but must also contribute to the positive welfare of the pet both physically and emotionally.


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