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PPG Podcasts feature discussions ranging across all aspects of pet training and behavior, bringing you news about the latest events and seminars, as well as interviews from some of the best in force-free and behavioral science-based training. We aim to create a fun, educational, and informative podcast that is member-focused, so come along and join us! Bring your questions, expertise, and a dash of humor.

PPG Podcasts are released on the Anchor platform and you can also listen to them on your app of choice.

Do you have something you’d like to share? 

Join Niki Tudge and Judy Luther our hosts and you too can share your knowledge and experience with our audience.  Use this short form to set up your Podcast 


Chat and Chuckle 

Come and join us for a Facebook Live Chat and Chuckle Session. Enjoy a friendly and relaxed chat about a topic of your choosing. Complete the short form here and then on the day, jump on our zoom link and we do the rest. Hosted by Niki Tudge & Judy Luter 


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