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Welcome to  The Positive Bookworm!

The Positive Bookworm (PBW) is a place for PPG members to learn together, support each other, network and have fun!

To help ensure that everyone achieves a high level of comprehension and enjoyment, the PBW will offer support for participants with learning disabilities or who may need help navigating and progressing through academic texts. And, whenever possible, authors of the selected books and academic papers will attend meetings to discuss their works, explain difficult concepts and answer participants’ questions. Plus, participants in the book-reading group can earn CEUs!



  • The PBW book-reading group reads four books per year, and the academic paper–reading group reads one paper per month.
  • Enrollment for the book-reading group opens four times per year, in January, April, July and October, and for the academic paper–reading group once per month, as available.
  • Books and academic papers selected for reading must be relevant to the animal training and pet care industry. Ideally, the selected books are also authored by a member of PPG and available as audiobooks.
  • Participants who would like a reading partner are paired up.
  • The PBW book-reading group meets weekly or bi-weekly to discuss the latest reading assignment, and the academic paper–reading group meets once per month to discuss the selected paper.
  • Participants are encouraged to submit questions for discussion prior to the meetings.
  • Meetings are held via Zoom with Closed Captioning.
  • When possible, the book or paper’s author will join meetings to explain difficult concepts and answer questions.


Book-Reading Group Participants

To earn CEUs for credentials awarded via the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Participation in each of the meetings
  2. Confirmed ownership of the selected book
  3. Successful completion of a short test