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Local Trainer/Animal Behavior Consultant/Pet Services Provider [amend/delete as applicable] Earns Canine Training Technician/Professional Canine Trainer/Professional Canine Behavior Consultant [amend/delete as applicable] Credential from Pet Professional Accreditation Board

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TOWN, STATE/COUNTRY – January 1, 2022 [amend as applicable] – The Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB), an international organization that provides accreditation for professional force-free canine trainers and behavior consultants, has announced that First Name + Last Name of Name of Business, located in Town, State/Country, has met the required exacting standards for accreditation and has been awarded the Canine Training Technician /Professional Canine Trainer/Professional Canine Behavior Consultant [amend/delete as applicable] credential.


PPAB operates as a Doing Business As (DBA) under the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results-based, science-based, force-free training and pet care. PPG members understand force-free to mean that equipment such as shock, prong, and choke collars, and methods that use pain, force, or fear are never employed in the care, training, management, or behavior modification of any pet. The PPAB credential is the first-ever professional qualification to reflect this philosophy and marks a giant step forward for consumer protection, animal welfare, and a higher level of skill proficiency amongst animal training and behavior professionals worldwide.


Applicants who pass the accreditation requirements earn the specific titles of Canine Training Technician (Accredited) (CTT-A), Professional Canine Trainer (Accredited) (PCT-A), or Professional Canine Behavior Consultant (Accredited) (PCBC-A), which may be used after their names. All applicants must meet and maintain the eligibility criteria and earn continuing education units to maintain the titles earned. They must also adhere to PPAB’s Guiding Principles, a collection of professional ethics and non-negotiable business practices and operational practices. The PPAB program is independent of any industry school, trade school, college or credentialing body.


“Through my accreditation with PPAB, my clients can be certain my training methods are based on the most recent scientific research and knowledge available, and that they focus on the physical, mental, environmental and emotional well-being of their pet,” said Your Last Name. “This ensures that every aspect of any training, management, care, and behavior change program contributes to the pet’s welfare as part of an integrated holistic approach. These methods are incredibly effective, fun and, most of all, safe to use. I look forward to helping/continuing to help [amend as applicable] improve the lives of pets and their owners throughout Your town/county/state/region and am delighted to hold a qualification that accurately reflects the highest standard of knowledge in the pet industry, as well as an unprecedented level of competency, transparency and accountability.”


“Given that there is, to date, no government oversight in the fields of pet training and behavior, any individual who so chooses can promote him- or herself as a dog trainer or animal behavior consultant, regardless of academic credentials, knowledge, skills and methods used,” added PPG president, Niki Tudge. “As such, anyone is free to open and conduct business, which runs the risk of leaving pet owners unaware of the differences between ‘balanced’ training, positive reinforcement training, and dog training and behavioral consulting in general. The PPAB credentialing program is an essential part of PPG’s advocacy and educational activities that aim to bring about significant change in the pet industry to ensure that only scientifically-sound, force-free techniques are implemented.” 


About the Pet Professional Accreditation Board

The Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) operates as a Doing Business As (DBA) of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). It operates a meticulous testing program for force-free animal training and behavior professionals that is independent of any industry school, trade school, college or credentialing body. Applicants are tested in the fields of learning theory; biology and anatomy; ethology, body language and observational skills; canine health, development and life stages; business and consulting skills and best practices and, finally, scientific and practical method. Those who pass the examination and meet the practical requirements earn specific titles which may be used after their names and must earn continuing education units to maintain these titles. Accredited PPAB professionals understand force-free to mean: no shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, and that no compulsion-based methods are employed to train or care for a pet.