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Transfer Your Credential

Transfer An Existing Credential

Share a credential carried by colleagues who believe Shock, Choke & Prong,Pain, Fear, and Force are just not necessary!

 Transfer Your Existing Credential and/or Gain a New One!

Many of you have an existing and recognized credential in the Pet Industry through an independent third party that may not completely reflect your philosophy or you would like to use your existing credential to obtain a new one!

If your current credential was achieved prior to the development and launch of the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, or you would like to use your existing credential to transfer into a second credential then this is the place for you.

  1. Now you can transfer your credential or elements of your credential to achieve one of the three PPAB credentialing levels all at a minimal cost and with minimal work!
  • All you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria and provide the necessary proof of your existing credential.
  • In some cases, you may need to complete a video or take an examination to ensure your total transferal submission meets the minimum requirement of the PPAB credential level you are transferring into. 

Your Transfer Study Guide

Get Started Now – This Guide will help you through the process.

  • Choose the level you want to transfer into
  • Check you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Complete the application and submit your documents
  • Start the transfer process within 90 days of your application

Click here to download the current Transfer Matrix. On this matrix, you will find credentials that have already been audited by the PPAB team, thus we know what elements are needed if you choose to use one or more of these credentials to transfer into a PPAB credential.

If your current credential is not on the matrix and you would like to have it included then you can forward this link to the credentialing organization and ask them to complete this short form

The Transfer Matrix


The Required Steps

  1. Determine which credential you would like to transfer into
  2. Read the eligibility requirements for the level you have chosen
    • These can be found in each of the study guides. You can find these here on the website.
  3. Ensure you comply with and, where necessary, provide evidence of all eligibility criteria for your chosen level
  4. Ensure you have read and agree with the PPAB Member Code of Conduct
  5. Complete the application form and pay your transfer fee
  6. Receive your application email confirmation and a link to the form where you will attest to your eligibility and provide evidence of your current credential
  7. We will work with you to audit your current credentials and determine what is missing to expedite the transfer process if necessary
  • An additional small fee may apply if you need to re-take an examination with PPAB or submit additional skill videos