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Feline Division

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that focuses on cats.


Cats are wildly popular pets, and millions of people around the world share their homes with them. But sometimes cats can seem a little mysterious, and there are many myths about their true nature.

Did you know that …

  • Cats are social animals.
  • Cats can be trained.
  • Cats can change their behavior.
  • Cats are communicating with us all the time.

Want to learn more? On the menu, you will find a host of helpful resources. If you are looking for general information about cats and cat behavior, click on Feline Articles. For more specific advice pertaining to cat behavior, click on Quick Behavior Tips. Visit us often, as this section is continually growing.

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Committee members:

Paula Garber, Chair

Beth Adelman, Co-chair

Tabitha Kucera

Carrie Schwartz

Dr. Lynn Bahr

Evelia Rivera

Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison

Allison Hunter-Frederick

Laura Cassiday