The Pet Professional Guild

Membership Benefits

Your Pet Professional Guild Membership Benefits


Members receive FREE access to:

  • The Positive Book Worm Club meets four times each year to read, review and discuss a published book.
  • The PBW also meets regularly to read, review and discuss an academic paper with the author or an academic expert.
  • Application for the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) Canine Training Technician Accreditation (CTT-A). No exam fee for CTT-A. (That’s right! NO FEES for CTT-A for PPG members.)
  • Application for PPAB Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited and the Canine Behavior Consultant – Accredited. (Examination fees only)
  • FREE Credential Transfer application for all Pet Professional Accreditation Board levels.
  • FREE access to member webinars for your annual Continuing Education Units, a minimum of 1 FREE member webinar each month.
  • Your monthly PPG membership newsletter with Guild news and updates.
  • BARKS From the Guild – your industry publication. Members have access to individual articles via PDF each month for support in their business endeavours
  • PPG Podcasts.
  • Join us on a monthly PPG member live podcast and showcase your business.
  • FREE Access to the Partner Level, Corporate Partner Program. Here you can offer PPG Members something special and gain traction for your business.
  • Public relations and news releases you can personalize.
  • Business webinars to help you market and operate your business.
  • All PPG Position Statements, Open Letters and Guiding Principles for members to use and distribute.
  • Your monthly digital email marketing content, just copy and paste and send to your own distribution list.
  • Pets and Their People – the PPG online digital outreach publication for pet owners providing tips, tools and resources.
  • Members have access to PDF handouts of key content for use in their own businesses and the ability to brand with your business name.
  • The FULL PPG Archive of articles and all printed PPG materials in one database (>3,700 articles).
  • Eligibility to apply for the PPG Annual Scholarship Award.
  • Eligibility to apply for the PPG Hardship Scholarship Fund.
  • PPG Community outreach programs.
  • PPG branded client handouts.
  • Personalized marketing tools and educational handouts.
  • Social media campaigns you can personalize with your own logo and website address.
  • A minimum of 6 annual divisional “Meetups” featuring guest speakers, educational topics and networking opportunities each yeear.
  • 6 annual member “Learn & Grow” community Zoom meetings hosted by the Inclusivity Division.
  • The PPG  member Orientation sessions hosted on Zoom by the Inclusivity Division.
  • Access and ability to join and participate in one of the PPG Divisional Groups: Canine, Feline, Equid, Inclusivity, Shelter & Rescue, Educational, Assistance Animal, Advocacy.
  • Access to the PPG Trademark, The Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Force-Free Pet Professionals.
  • Proud affiliation with the only international membership association for a wide selection of professionals who subscribe to the view that aversive methods should never be used – or even deemed necessary – in the training, care or behavior modification of any animal.
  • A prestigious recognized membership affiliation with international reach throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
  • You can fly the PPG membership logo and your membership certificate on your website and social media.
  • Your shared philosophy advocated for by the PPG Advocacy Panel in monthly Facebook Live sessions and podcasts.
  • Membership in an organization that stands up for what you believe in with ongoing advocacy initiatives and backs it all up with the latest scientific research and peer-reviewed studies.
  • Front seat access to the PPG Advocacy Program and its many resources.
  • Access to join Project Trade, a PPG Advocacy and Marketing Program designed to help attract clients using a ‘do this rather than that’ philosophy.
  • Inclusion in an organization with like-minded professionals, where all members agree to abide by PPG’s Guiding Principles.
  • Full business listing on our PPG website with zip code locator search feature and location map.
  • Opportunities for networking in the PPG members’ Facebook group, a positive and engaging area for industry discussion, support and advice.

Vendor and Corporate Partner Discounts 

Access to numerous discounted benefits:

  • Monthly discounted webinars at member only rates delivered by industry experts.
  • Subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. (The discount here justifies your membership fee)
  • Registration at the PPG Annual summit and Geek Week with payment plans.
  • Group insurance policy pricing for your business.
  • Educational programs via third party providers.
  • Pricing on print materials, marketing collateral and sales aids.
  • Continuing Education Units via our discounted webinars and access to PPG’s online archive of educational material.
  • Doggone Safe “Be a Tree Program.”
  • Doggone Safe “Dog Bite Prevention Educator.”
  • Annual “Up Your Business Game” 2-day virtual event.

Access to:

  • The Pet Dog Ambassador Program Instructor certification.
  • The Pet Dog Ambassador Program Assessor certification.
  • The Pet Dog Ambassador pet owner pet dog credentialing program.
  • The PPG All About Cats Facebook group.
  • The PPG All About Canines Facebook group.
  • The PPG All About Equids Facebook group and “Horses with Voices” Advocacy information and resources.
  • The PPG All About Assistance Animals Facebook group.
  • The PPG All About Shelter & Rescue Facebook group.

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