Reasons To Join

Member Benefits


  1. Access to the PPG Trademark, The Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Force-Free Pet Professionals.
  2. Proud affiliation with the only international membership association for professionals who subscribe to the view that aversive methods should never be used – or even deemed necessary – in the training, care or behavior modification of any animal.
    1. A prestigious recognized membership affiliation with international reach throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
  3. You can fly the PPG membership logo and your membership certificate.
  4. Your shared philosophy advocated for by the PPG Advocacy Panel in monthly Facebook Live sessions and Podcasts.
    1. Membership of an organization that stands up for what you believe in with ongoing advocacy initiatives and backs it all up with the latest scientific research and peer-reviewed studies.
    2. Front seat access to the PPG Advocacy Program and its many resources.
    3. Access to join Project Trade, a PPG Advocacy and Marketing Program designed to help attract clients using a ‘do this rather than that’ philosophy.
  5. Inclusion in an organization with like-minded professionals, where all members agree to abide by PPG’s Guiding Principles.
    1. Full business listing on our PPG website with zip code locator search feature and location map.
  6. Opportunities for networking the PPG members’ Facebook group, a positive and engaging area for industry discussion, support and advice.
    1. Access to the PPG All About Cats Facebook group and Cat Lounge
    2. Access to the PPG Canine Committee Dog Lounge Facebook group.
    3. Access to the PPG All About Horses Facebook group and “Horses with Voices” Advocacy information and resources.
    4. Access to the PPG All About Assistance Animal Facebook group
  7. Vendor and Corporate Partner discounts across many disciplines and partners.
  8. FREE access to:
    1. Discounted credentialing via the Pet Professional Accreditation Board for the Canine Training Technician- Accredited, Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited and the Canine Behavior Consultant.
    2. A minimum of 1 FREE Member webinar each month.
    3. Monthly discounted webinars at Member only rates delivered by industry experts.
    4. Your monthly membership BARKS newsletter with Guild news and updates.
    5. BARKS From the Guild – your industry publication. Members have access to individual articles via PDF each month for support in their business endeavours
    6. BARKS Podcasts.
      1. Join a monthly PPG member live podcasts
    7. Public relations and news releases
    8. Business webinars to help you market and operate your business.
    9. All PPG Position Statements, Open Letters and Guiding Principles for members to use and distribute.
    10. Your monthly Digital email marketing content, just copy and paste and send to your own distribution list
    11. Pets and Their People the PPG online digital outreach publication for Pet Owners providing tips, tools and resources
      1. Members have access to PDF handouts of key content for use in their own business
    12. The FULL PPG Archive of articles and all printed PPG materials in one database (>3,700 articles).
    13. Eligibility to apply for the PPG Annual Scholarship Award.
    14. Community outreach programs
    15. PPG branded client handouts.
    16. Personalized marketing tools and educational handouts.
    17. Social media campaigns you can personalise with your own logo and website address
    18. Your Monthly PPG mentoring Zoom call with representatives from each of the PPG Divisions
  9. Discounted:
    1. Subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior.
    2. Registration at the PPG annual summit and Geek Week with payment plans.
    3. Group insurance policy pricing for your business.
    4. Educational programs via third party providers.
    5. Pricing on print materials, marketing collateral and sales aids.
    6. Continuing Education Units via our discounted webinars and access to PPG’s online archive of educational material.
    7. Doggone safe “Be a Tree Program”
    8. Doggone safe “Dog Bite Prevention Educator”
  10. Access to:
    1. The Pet Dog Ambassador Program Instructor Certification
    2. The Pet Dog Ambassador Program Assessor certifications
    3. The Pet Dog Ambassador pet owner pet dog credentialing program.