Promotion Ideas

    • Local magazines, newspapers, and radio
    • Bulletin boards in libraries, stores and community centers
    • Local cable company – call them to suggest they come and tape a session (get permission from the school first)
    • Contribute articles to local newsletters – don’t throw them out – find out how you can submit an article – you can use any article found at the Doggone Safe website (unless otherwise noted) or in the newsletter as long as you give credit and include the Doggone Safe web address
    • Go to local networking groups and show them the Be a Tree program – your chamber of commerce may have a list of these
    • Join Toastmasters and give a speech about the Be a Tree program – this can be an excellent networking group
    • Volunteer to do a presentation in return for a free booth or table at local events

Potential Sponsors

      • Local banks
      • Local Rotary Club or other service clubs
      • PTA or PTO groups
      • Recreation Centers
      • Local Pro Sports Teams
      • Local Community-Minded Businesses –  2 or 3 could cooperate and share the cost.

Groups that may host a free or paid program

    • Girl Scouts
    • Private Schools
    • Neighborhood Associations
    • Breed and dog training clubs
    • Daycare facilities
    • After-school care facilities
    • YMCA
    • Local Toys R Us and Babies R Us (free – call to find out when the next Baby Days or community info day is)
    • Local home school groups – search the web or ask your local community services office
    • Local vets and pet supply stores
    • Church groups
    • Mother’s groups
    • Animal shelters
    • 4H Club