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Last updated Wednesday, 22 July 2020


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The Pet Professional Guild Education Scholarship Program

Scholarship Operational Guidelines


Scholarship Program Description

A limited number of scholarships will be offered to eligible Pet Professional Guild (PPG) members to further their education in force-free training and/or pet care. The scholarships are intended for participation in suitable programs offered by organizations that support PPG’s Guiding Principles and goals.


Candidate Eligibility

  • The candidate must be a current PPG member in good standing for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Members can be full, associate, or provisional, and across all training and pet care specialties.
  • Pet owner members are not eligible.
  • Scholarship recipients agree to honour their receipt of a PPG Scholarship by completing their chosen course. Should the course not be completed, it will be incumbent upon the recipient to pay back to PPG a pro rata amount of the funds that were paid by PPG that enabled the recipient to undertake the course.


Educational Organization Application

Educational organizations that are current PPG members, educational providers, or corporate partners are eligible to apply for the inclusion of their educational facility in the PPG Scholarship Program. Educational offerings can be online, in person, or a hybrid (please see organization eligibility below). The organization must complete the online program submission form. Opportunities are also available for organizations to, in part, or fully sponsor a scholarship program and thereby benefit from a range of marketing opportunities with PPG.


Scholarship Application

PPG must receive applications for the Scholarship Program from April 5 – May 5 any given year. Only applications that are fully and correctly completed will be considered.


Scholarship Award Process

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the scholarship selection committee, made up from committee members of various relevant PPG committees and at least one PPG Board member.  Final scholarship recommendations will be forwarded to the PPG Board of Directors by May 26th of any given year. The board of directors will notify all applicants of the outcome of their applications no later than June 15 of the year in question. Scholarship funds will be remitted directly to the educational provider and not the candidate.


Some educational programs have prerequisites.  It is in the applicant’s best interests to ensure they have reviewed the application criteria for the school they are interested in attending and that they meet any necessary acceptance criteria. Candidates for these programs will have to be approved by the Education Provider prior to funds being transferred and final approval granted.

Candidates must be mindful that PPG Scholarships may be partial scholarships and not cover the full cost of the chosen course.


The Candidate Application Form Criteria


The scholarship application form is to be completed online (web address).  The following details will be requested:



  • Name
  • Membership number
    • Membership term (length of membership)
    • Membership type


Candidate Background

  • Highest level of education
  • Degrees/certifications outside the pet care industry
  • Employment outside the pet care industry
  • Volunteer service outside the pet care industry


Pet Care Industry Experience

  • Years of service to the pet care industry (training, behavior consultation or general pet care services, such as grooming, day care, dog walking etc.)
  • Do you run your own pet care business?
    • Yes/No If Yes…


  • Length of ownership
  • Full address
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Facebook page
  • Telephone number
  • Does your business have insurance?



  • Are you employed in a pet care business that is not your own?
    • Yes/No If Yes…


  • Owner of this business
  • Years of working in this business
  • Full address
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Facebook page
  • Telephone number
  • Does this business have insurance?


Volunteer Organization

  • Do you volunteer within the pet care industry?
    • Yes/No If Yes…


Volunteer Organization

  • Years/months of voluntary service (total)
  • Names of all pet care voluntary organizations with which you have volunteered
  • Full address of current or recent organization where you have volunteered
  • Email address of current or recent organization
  • Website address of current or recent organization
  • Facebook page of current or recent organization
  • Telephone number of current or recent organization
  • Does your current or recent organization have insurance?


Scholarship Program

The program you are applying for must commence within six months of the scholarship being awarded, which is June 15 each year. You will need to provide the following information:

  • For which scholarship program are you applying? (e.g. DogNostics Career Center)
  • Name of school providing the education program
    • Name of program (e.g. diploma of dog training)
    • Program start date
    • Full cost of program
    • Program website address
    • How often does the program run?
    • Would you accept a partial scholarship? In other words, if you were granted part of the cost of the program, would you accept it?


Additional Questions

You must answer each of the following questions in 250 words or less:

  • Why should your application be selected?
  • How will you use your new-found knowledge?
  • What special interests do you have in the pet industry?


Be specific in your answers, giving examples where appropriate.  Your answers will be used to justify the scores given to your application by the Scholarship Selection Committee.


Operations and Management of the PPG Educational Scholarship Program


Receipt of Applications to Announcement of Scholarships

  • When an application is received, candidates receive an automated confirmation email. The process proceeds thus:
  • Your current membership standing, length of time as a member and your membership type will be verified by the scholarship administrators.
    • If you are a current member of either PPG Australia (PPGA) or PPG British Isles (PPGBI), then your membership will be verified by the appropriate PPG officer.
  • After the closing date of the applications (close of business on 5 May USA EST), all applications will be sent to the education scholarship selection committee (from here on in referred to as the committee).
    • The committee will comprise selected committee members of various relevant PPG committees and at least one PPG Board member
      • A chairperson will be elected from within the committee
    • The committee will not have access to candidates’ names or full business/volunteer places of employment/volunteering. They will be informed of the type of business the candidate has been engaged in and for how long that person has been employed or has volunteered. All applications will be handled anonymously and in confidence.
    • Committee members will have 7 – 10 days to study all eligible applications individually. The process thereafter is:
      • Each committee member will assess the eligible applications individually and submit his/her 3 top candidates to the Committee Chair by a predetermined date
      • These 15 candidates will then be individually assessed against a predetermined criteria list that ascertains the merits of each application
        • Space is allocated for assessors to comment on their reasoning
      • The results of the assessment will be calculated by the Chair and the Committee informed of the results of that calculation
        • The clear-cut criteria, determined individually by each assessor allows for transparency in selection
      • If there is only one application for a particular scholarship, it will be assessed on its own merits. The committee reserves the right not to grant the scholarship if the application is deemed unsatisfactory.
      • The Committee Chair will forward the results to the PPG Board of Directors
      • The PPG board of directors will announce the names of successful applicants by 15 June of every application year.