Scholarship Program

PPG Member Scholarship Opportunities

The PPG annual Scholarship Program opens for enrollment each April. Details on the annual program can be found below.

Hardship Scholarships

PPP also offers “Hardship Scholarships.” These can be applied for at any time during the year. Click the button below to apply for one of our Hardship Scholarships.

The  Annual Scholarship Program- April to June

A limited number of full and partial scholarships will be offered to eligible Pet Professional Guild (PPG) members to further their education in force-free training and/or pet care. The scholarships are intended for participation in suitable programs offered by organizations that support PPG’s Guiding Principles and goals and meet the necessary criteria as determined in the Education Provider Guide.
Each year PPG invests several thousand dollars into the Scholarship program. Competency is mission-critical to achieving our mission, vision, and values.


Eligible Candidates – If you are an eligible candidate, please review our candidate guide below.

Educational Providers – If you are interested in offering one of your programs as part of our scholarship program, please read our educational guide.

Candidate Applications

Candidate Guide

Scholarship Application

PPG must receive applications for the Scholarship Program from April 5 to  May 5 each year.  Only applications that are fully and correctly completed will be considered. If your application arrives early or late, it will not be considered. Applicants must be members of PPG British Isles or The Pet Professional Guild. 

When you have reviewed the guide then please proceed to completing the application. 


  Scholarship Educational Providers

Educational Provider  Guide

Education Provider Eligibility Application

  • The applying education provider must currently work with, support or collaborate with PPG and have signed off on the PPG Guiding Principles by being an educational provider, corporate partner or professional member.
  • Course content must help prepare the applicant for an independently invigilated certification or accreditation.
  • The education provider must be able to display objective criteria for testing students’ knowledge and skills.
  • The education provider must offer online, in-person, or hybrid access.
  • The program offered for scholarship must be specifically designed to teach animal behavior and training.
  • At this time, the PPG Education Scholarship Program excludes accredited universities offering undergraduate or graduate programs in animal behavior, or similar. However, this will be reviewed in the future


Approved Providers



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