The Pet Professional Guild

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program



The Pet Professional Guild is committed to furthering the professionalism of the pet industry through education. To ensure we can support this goal, PPG manages an annual scholarship program for eligible members. The full or partial scholarships are intended for selected recipients to participate in suitable programs offered by organizations that support PPG’s Guiding Principles and meet the necessary Educational Provider criteria.

The Scholarship Application Process

Yearly, applications are accepted between April 5 to May 5 only. At this time, the Education Committee reviews and assesses each confidential applicant. Only applications that are fully and correctly completed will be considered.

Please click the link below to complete and submit your application.  Make sure the window has opened to receive your application. Early or late submissions will not be considered.

Your Scholarship Guide

Here you can review the Candidate Scholarship Guide

Educational Organizations

If you are interested in becoming an approved educational provider for PPG’s Scholarship Program, your educational offering must meet the following criteria:

  • The education provider must currently work with, support, or collaborate with PPG and have signed off on the PPG Guiding Principles by being an educational provider, corporate partner, or a professional member.
  • The program offered for scholarship must be specifically designed to teach animal behavior and training.
  • The course content must help prepare the applicant for an independently invigilated certification or accreditation.
  • The education provider must be able to display objective criteria for testing students’ knowledge and skills.
  • The education provider must offer online access, in-person access, or a hybrid.
  • The organization must complete the online program submission form.

**At this time, the PPG Education Scholarship Program excludes accredited universities offering undergraduate or graduate programs in animal behavior, or similar. However, this will be reviewed in the future.


Please note, if your organization applies and is accepted to the scholarship program, then you, as the education provider, are agreeing to:

  1. Provide a place to an individual who is specifically awarded a scholarship to your program without any additional application process.
  2. If there are extenuating concerns or circumstances, then the individual case/candidate will be discussed between the education provider and PPG.
  3. Accept the individual to your program based on the eligibility criteria of the scholarship application.
  4. Designate the scholarship to a specific program only and not to the overall organization.
  5. Invoice PPG promptly so payment for the scholarship can be made directly to the school and not via the candidate


Here you can review the Education Provider Scholarship Guide