I was lucky enough to hear Niki speak about her fabulous and amazing book one morning on Books Barks and Banter where I am an administrator.  Before that I never knew that there was a place for folks just like me.

As a behavior consultant and a family dog mediator I want to change the world for the better for our 4 legged loved ones.  Here at PPG everyone feels this way.

The welfare of the dog is always forefront and center.  Kindness is what it is all about and not only for our dogs but for each other as well.

Here at the PPG, if you jump in you will instantly find yourself among friends.  The community is inclusive.  We are always excited and happy to welcome kindred hearts as we raise awareness about life from the dog’s perspective, how we can educate humans to understand and advocate for their companion animals.

We are doing it.  I’m proud and honored to be a part of it all.