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New Members Quick Start Guide 

How To Optimize Your Website Listing

  • First, make sure your listing is complete and looks professional to a prospective client. 
  • Upload your business logo
  • Ensure all your credentials are listed.
  • Select all the services you are offering to potential clients
  • Ensure your address is complete so you can be found on the zip code search locator. It works via GPS and needs a complete address.

The Shock-Free Coalition

  • Be sure to sign the Shock-Free Coalition Pledge.
  • You can shock-free your website using our graphics, videos, and tools.
  • There are lots of resources on the “Spread the Word” page for  you to use


Fetch Your Membership Certificate & Badge

  1. Download your membership certificate; you can type in your name, print and display it proudly.
  2. Join The Membership Face Book Group and Introduce yourself. 
  3. Download and display proudly your  PPG logo and your member badge. 
  4. Display the logo on your website and make a statement to your clients.  



Welcome Members. Lets Get Started


When you are logged into the PPG website, you will automatically land here; it’s an excellent place to land.

Here in this website area, you will find all the resources available to you, including your PPG membership benefits.

Suppose you are also a Doggone safe member, a Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor, Assessor, or credentialed through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. In that case, you will also have access to those resource pages and be listed on their directories at the front end of the website.

One of the great benefits of building a new website is that you can now, on one platform, carry multiple membership levels. This provides one login for all your resources in one location. 

Use the menu on the top  to navigate your membership area and find your tools and resources.   


    Some of the fabulous resources you now have on hand are:

    1. The Pet Professional Accreditation Board. Be sure to check out this fabulous positive reinforcement–based credentialing program.
    2. BARKS Magazine. Subscribe to our publication for animal training and pet care professionals today to receive new content in your inbox as soon as it’s published. BARKS Magazine is also a place where you can showcase your knowledge, skills, research and discoveries. To learn more, send an email to
    3. Pets & Their People. This PPG publication is designed to support our clients—pet owners. Subscribe today and encourage your clients to subscribe, too! If you are interested in writing for Pets & Their People, send an email to
    4. Loads of webinars, both live and recorded.
    5. The Positive Bookworm book club and the Scholarly Circle academic paper reading group.
    6. The annual PPG Summit and workshop events.
    7. PPG Member News. Our monthly members-only newsletter to keep you updated and informed.
    8. In the PPG member area, you will find logos, member certificates, handouts, vendor discounts, educational resources and much more!


      Help us Build PPG

      There are lots of ways you can help us build PPG. First, be sure to like our Facebook Page. Share our posts and encourage your Force-Free pet industry colleagues to join us.


      1. Feel free to use any of our member handouts and downloads in your business. We are adding more each week, and there are some incredible marketing tools for you to use.
      2. Check out all the great tools and resources at the Shock-Free Coalition. Send out the news release letting the world know you support it
      3. Download the new member news release, personalize it with your name and company name and then blog it, and forward it to your local media and industry partners.
      4. If you are interested in joining one of our volunteer committees, complete the application form.  You will be made to feel very welcome.
      5.  If you refer a new member to PPG who qualifies through our membership application process, then you will receive a $10.00 credit towards an educational event of your choosing. 
      6. You can blog for PPG or submit an article for BARKS from the Guild.
      7. You can blog for PPGs publication Pets & Their People; which is geared toward Pet Owners. 
      8. You can host a webinar and share your expertise.
      9. Join us on a PPG Chat & Chuckle and help spread the word 
      10. Join Project Trade and begin using the tools and resources. 

      Your Membership Support & Contact

      Rebekah King – Operations Director

      Paula Garber – Public Relations, Editor BARKS Magazine

      Pam Shultz – Social Media Coordinator & Editor Pets & Their People

      Niki Tudge – Executive Director